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How To Do A Hyperlink:
How To Do A Anchor:
Different Views:

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Create new web page: To create a new web page you need Microsoft FrontPage and safe it as html.
Create tables: You go to the toolbars at the top and press tablesand then draw tables as you want.
Modify tables: You press the toolbar Tables - Layout Tasbles and Cells after it look for Cell Formation.
t says Code you press and then look for the tak <table> nextr to it says border and a number ="1". You change it to 0 and that´s it.

How to do a Hyperlink:
You first write the link, underline it, press Insert, Hyperlink. Then you choose a page to link it to. Press Ok.

How to do a Anchor:
As Hyperlinks you first write the anchor, underline it, press Insert, Hyperlink. Then you press in the right hand side Bookmark. You choose a bookmark.

Different Views:
At the bottom left-hand side of the FrontPage they are a Design, Split, Code and Preview this are different type of views of your web pages.