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Worksheet 3 PPT
What makes a good presentation?
Creating charts in Power Point
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Slide Master

Slide Master is were you can design your design for your presentation. You don't lose such must time.

Worksheet 3 PPT

1. To ensure there is consistency throughout the presentation, you use the slide master.
How do you access the slide master?
You go to View > Master > Slide Master.

The main slide master only allows you to edit the master title and master text, to edit the master subtitle you need to right click on the small slide on the left and select “new title master”
Two key points that you must never forget
a) When you have finished editing the slide master – close master view – then edit you presentation
b) If for example you put a picture on your slide master, you must also put it on the title master so it appears on both slides.
2. How do you insert a text box?
Insert > Text Box.
3. How do you write your presenter notes?
Don’t Know
4. How do you print out a summary of each slide? (Audience Notes)
File > Print and you press
5. To enter in slide numbers / date etc. you need to press insert slide number and then tick the boxes you want. How do you change the position of the page number using the slide master?
Don’t Know

What makes a good presentation?

ü Display.

ü Well organized data.

ü How it’s presented.

ü The good combination of colors.

ü Images to show.

ü Big font letters.

ü Clear notes.

ü Confidence of the presenter.

Creating charts in Power Point

Choosing the correct graph:
ü Bar Graph: Compare too r more values taken over time or different conditions.
ü Line Graph: Change of some values over time.
ü Pie Chart: When displaying percentages.
2) What needs to be included when creating a graph:
ü Axes Labels.
ü Title.
ü Legend.
ü Data.
ü Data labels.
3) Steps of doing a chart on Power Point:
ü Open a Power Point sheet.
ü Insert > Chart.
ü Put your information in.

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